• slovenski,slovene,slowenisch


30 x 60 cm / matt / 3 colors / glazed porcelain tile

Fenix celebrates the beauty of details found in randomly arranged multicolored marble chunks inside of a concrete platform. It is terrazzo - floor covering that originates from 16.st., when Venetian marble workers invented a method that uses marble left-overs and concrete to form durable and elegant floors. In recent years terrazzo became one of the major trends for floor and also wall coverings. Terrazzo enables great freedom of expression due to unlimited possibilities of color combinations and interplay between the material and color. It forms amazing surfaces that blends seamlessly into the environment.
Slipperiness: R10
Slipperiness on Wet Surfaces: B
Abrasion Resistance: PEI IV
Type: Frost Resistant
Suitable for: Indoor and Outdoor Areas
Number of Different Faces: 12
V2: Tiles With Slight Shade or Graphic Variation

30 x 60 cm


30 x 60 cm


30 x 60 cm