• slovenski,slovene,slowenisch


30 x 60 cm / matt / 3 colors / glazed porcelain tile

Canyon carries traits of the natural quartzite stone in a porcelain form. Quarzite is one of the hardest rock on earth and it has been forming for millions of years, where the sandstone rich with quartz transforms under the influence of heat, pressure and chemical activity into incredibly strong crystaline structure. The quarzite apperance of Canyon tiles is characterized by dramatic details, veining and shadowing that forms unique pattern of natural rock formations. The collection embraces 3 colour versons that are found in real quarzite stones: the usual grey color, beige to pink nuances that develop due to iron impurities and earth green tone that is caused by magnesium minerals. In combination with other materials such as wood and historic artefacts juxtaposed with modern furnishings, these tiles can be employed to create spaces that embody the perfect meeting point between tradition and a new interpretation of stone.

30 x 60 cm


30 x 60 cm


30 x 60 cm