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Video surveillance

Administrator: Gorenje Keramika, d.o.o., Aleš Krajnc, e-mail: ales.krajnc@gorenje.com, phone no.: +386 38 96 61 40
Contact of the person authorized to protect personal data: gdpr@gorenje.com
The purpose of implementing video surveillance: Video surveillance is implemented with the purpose of ensuring the safety of people and property, controlling entry or exit to or from business premises, or preventing the endangerment of employees and protecting proprietary information.
Retention period of personal data: 6 months from the date of recording.
The rights of individuals: right of access, to limit processing or the right to object.
Categories of users of personal data: authorized personnel of the internal department responsible for security and authorized personnel of an external provider of security services.
Legal basis for collecting personal data: legitimate interest of the administrator.
Transfer of personal data to third countries: no personal data is transferred to third countries.
Existence of automatic personal data processing(including profiling): personal data is not processed automatically.
Existence of further processing: Further processing is carried out by reviewing recordings and dubbing, whereby further processing is carried out in the event of a security incident.workers and, ultimately, socially responsible members of the community every day.